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Adventkalender5There’s not even a month left before the advent season. That means a lot of work for me to get ready with all the advent calendars to be prepared. This year my proposal for a nice girly calendar is a white heart to be used as a card holder later on. The little gifts may be wrapped in many different ways. The fotos show a version with cornets and another one with two sorts of wrapped gifts. For the cornets you need to draw quadrants which are to be turned in over their tip and then fastened with glue. I chose a length of 5-6 inches for the cornet sides and fastened crumpled tissue paper on the inner edge of them. The tissue paper should mesure 12 x 8 inches. If you don’t have time to make the cornets then you may wrap typical Christmas sweets and accessories in wrapping paper and attach them to the heart. Numbers from 1 to 24 in blue and red can be downloaded here or bought in crafts stores. To both, cornets and gifts, I attached a knotted curly ribbon which I fixed between the double hearts originalley meant to hold cards or photos.
If you dispose of some space in your house or appartment or want to surprise someone not being really fond of hearts and pink you’re well advised with the advent calendar of branches. You need two of them with a size of about 2 yards and four smaller ones mesuring between 0.5 and 0.8 yards. Tie them together like a ladder with Christmas ribbons or thin manila rope and drive 6 nails into each of the smaller branches. The gifts will be attached to the nails with a ribbon loop. My calendar is assembled with small bags filled with sweets.
Decorate heart or branches with Christmas baubles, stars and other accessories. After Christmas the branches can be stored space-savingly when dismantled.

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