Granny’s Best

ApfelomaengljEverybody likes it and there is hardly any festivity without it. It received its name from the grandchildren of our family and since then it’s simply called “Granny’s apple cake”. You may eat it soon after baking but it’s best the day after because then the pastry is really tender. It’s a cake made of shortpastry with rather sour apples preferably a red russet called Boskoop. Just fill all the pastry ingredients in a large bowl and knead with the dough hooks of your food processor. Let rest for at least half an hour in the fridge and peel the apples in the meantime. Take off the core and cut the apples in halves. Then unreel a bit more than the half of the pastry and put it in  a springform pan raising it a bit on the edge. Place the apples with their cut face in the pan and unreel the balance of pastry. Cover the apples with it and give your cake in the oven at 390°C for about 25-30 minutes until it’s lightly brown. Take off the frame of your pan and spread some icing sugar on the top.
Served with some whipped cream this cake is worth a sin.

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