Little give-away

Herzbox1Who doesn’t love them, these cute boxes for little give-aways. I found this version on several blogs posting on and tried them immediately. Choose one size of the free template and transfer it to your selected card stock. Simply cut it out and fold as marked. Fill in your praline or candy and slip wings into each other. The small box just fits for a single praline and I made it with plain-colored card stock matching with my paper napkins, flowers and tea light holders. The edges are embellished by small fancy handmade designs. Wanting to use them as seating cards simply write the name of your guest on one of the wings or mark with “Thank you” if you want to take them as give-aways. Alternating with little flower vases they look very nice too as a center piece.

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  • Kleine Geschenkbox/Little give-away/Cadeau de remerciement

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