Hefe und mehr / Yeast and more


I planned to bake some apple pillows because I had leftovers of applesauce. Whenever talking about yeast dough the immediate answer is: ” Yeast, that’s something I didnt’t try yet and in addition I don’t even own a food processor like you do.” That’s why I made the dough with the kneading hooks of my mixer and took pictures of every step. But there’s one further small but important modification. See why:

Beginning December I found Stefanie Herberth’s blog hefe-und-mehr.de available in English too. As the name (trad.:yeast and more) implies she’s mostly writing about yeast dough and the how-to-instructions. She’s giving detailed informations about sourdough, preferments, the importance of autolysis and gluten development and how to knead or fold different doughs. Two of the very important informations are that shortening and sugar will have a negative influence on the gluten development if added to the ingredients right in the beginning. The net of gluten however makes the dough soft and ready to hold the gases provided by yeast or sourdough. Therefore butter and sugar should best be added after all other ingredients are well combined.

I must admit that I started cooking her recipes with a lot of doubts. But taste and quality of each bread were really convincing everyone. Regarding the time flow I had to re-align my knowledge but in the end it’s all about scheduling.


The Sunday breakfast rolls with yoghurt for exemple are to be prepared on Saturday evening to be ready for cooking the next morning. If only we could transmit the odour of fresh rolls coming from the oven …..

Tomorrow then the recipe for apple pillows – light and fluffy with a wonderful air cushion right on top of the apple sauce.









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