The One Plus One

Moyes2A wonderful novel written by Jojo Moyes. It’s best for a lazy moment on your balcony or at the beach.
You need to be very optimistic if your daughter’s only chance for a qualified education at a private school consists in attending a maths competition. That’s just how it is for Jess and her highly skilled daughter Tanzie. They’re living in a small house together with Nicky, Jess’ adopted son and Norman the enormously stolid dog. The kid’s Dad is gone leaving them without any money but Jess tries to survive doing several small jobs like cleaning or serving in a pub. Naturally money is always short and following Murphy’s law they live through a never ending series of disasters. One night then Jess meets Ed Nicholls a successful software engineer. In his job he’s facing major difficulties after one single blindfold activity and worst case given he’ll even have go to jail for it. During their attempt to bring Tanzie to the maths competition Jess and Ed come closer and everything could be quite easy if Ed hadn’t been that drunk when meeting Jess at her second job in a pub.
A bit wacky characters in small town and a story that doesn’t seem to be too devious. A lovely reading for sommer making you feel happy even for little amenities.




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