Strawberry panna cotta


A tradtional desser you can’t get enough of. For summertime it’s better with fresh fruit than with the usual caramelized sugar. It’s delicious even when it’s very hot because you can prepare it in advance and keep both panna cotta and fruit in your fridge.

To serve 4:
6 gelatine leaves (or corresponding quant. of other thickening agent)
1 vanilla bean
500ml double cream
85g caster sugar
appr. 300g fresh fruit like straw-, rasp or blueberries

Rinse silicone muffin or soufflé molds with cold water.
Put the gelatine leaves in small bowl of cold water to soften.
Split the vanilla bean, scrape out the seeds and give them into a pan with cream and sugar. Heat gently until hot and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove the gelatine leaves from the water, squeeze out excess liquid and add them to the hot cream while stirring. Pour the mixture into molds, place them on a board and put them in the fridge. After 2-3 hours the panno cotta is ready to be set. If the cream doesn’t come out simply place the bottom of the molds in hot water and try again.


While cooling the cream wash your fruit, cut off peduncle or leaves and cut into bite-sized chunks. Put them in bowl and mix with 1 tbsp caster sugar. Chill them until they release juice. Top the set panna cottas with strawberries and juice.




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