Be prepared


Someone just coming up for teatime? Your best friend needs to be welcomed with a cup of tea and some cake? Well, then you’re better off with the base of these tartlets in your freezer. Specially at summer time when I want to prepare my cakes with fruit I often choose my sponge mixture to divide the cake into halves after cooking. The first half will be decorated immediately and the second one stored in the freezer.
Today  I just prepared two different sorts of cakes with one half. First I cut 10 tartles with a dessert ring and decorated them with some raspberry whipped cream. In top I put the last raspberries from our garden and some thins slices of yohurt chocolate.


The cake remainders were taken to prepare cake pops. Therefore just put them in a large bowl, bruise them with a fork and add some cream cheese and powdered sugar. Simmply add the cheese teaspoon by teaspoon until the mixture is soft. For the remainders of a round cake I only add one tablespoon of sugar. Roll up balls of 2cm diameter, place them on a chopping board and leave in the fridge for 1-2 hours before inserting the lolli sticks.


In the meantime melt the chocolate and insert one end of your lolli sticks for about 1cm to cover it with chocolate. Insert this end into your cooled cake balls and put them back into the fridge for half an hour. That prevents the sticks from falling out.


Then dip your cake pops into the chocolate until the whole cake ball is covered with it. Roll them in sugar sprinkles, chopped nuts or coconut flakes. When the chocolate has dried you may freeze the cake pops in an airtight container.
My chocolate looks a bit dull because I forgot to take a picture when preparing them. So I just had to take them out of the freezer to show them today.
You’ll find special cake pop stands in almost every shop offering bakery products.

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