Bet and win


For me, a German crafter, everything’s quite clear already – our soccer team is part of the last sixteen of the Euro 2016 and the next match will be on Sunday evening. We’ll have a barbecue with some friends and watch the game afterwards. To have more fun in anticipation of the match I prepared some pools coupons to bet on the outcome of the German match. This is less interesting for most other soccer fans. So I prepared some neutral cards that can be used for any other national team. They’re for free download here. Just download, print and let your guests bet and maybe win one of the small goodies you organized for your common viewing.

Next adversary


Our next adversary’s the Polish team and actually we do have a large offer of strawberries available. That’s why today I’ll propose a snack in red and white with this lovely fruit. They’re filled with herbal cream cheese smoothed with a bit of cream. Pepper richly and fill in a small piping bag. Take off the strawberries’ green using a drinking straw (honestly, I’m not joking). Place the straw’s end onto the strawberries’s tips and press through your fruit pressing out the green this way. Put strawberries on a plate and fill the hollow with your cream cheese. For an Italian snack just put a basil leave into the cheese tip.



European Champion


I love football/soccer and of course I wish our national team to win the championship. However today I’ll post a snack just colored like the French tricolor – blue, white and red. This because they’re hosting the competition and will have the first match.
To get the flag’s colors just assemble blueberries, banana slices and strawberries on wooden sticks. Mix some curd cheese with milk, sugar and vanilla sugar for a nice dip to be served with.


Edible spoons


Seen at, personally tried and I must admit it really works. Fluffy, lightly crunchy spoons made with puff pastry and filled with a red pepper cream cheese and decorated with egg and tomato. Just snatch at them! One large pastry sheet will make 10 to 14 spoons.


Flatten the sheet directly on your baking tray and put the according number of tea spoons on top. Cut around the spoons with a sharp knife and lift of the waste pastry. Leave the tea spoons on your pastry and bake both according to the instructions printed on wrapping. When the pastry spoons are lightly brown remove them from the oven and put them on a cooling rack with baking paper. Remove the cooled tea spoons and fill pastry spoons with cream cheese. Put some tomato slices and egg eighth on top and sprinkle with chive rolls.
For a further filling and a step-by-step-instruction look at the site mentioned above.




Doily cutlery pouch


Easy but stunning. Cutlery pouches made with paper doilies having a 6″ or 15cm diameter. Fold each doily to make a cornet and fix the upper flap with a glue dot. Decorate your doily individually with different accessories. The following picture will show some suggestions.


Fold all paper napkins to get a cornet shape to. For tea time just take some small napkins. Flower, ladybug or owlet will decorate the pouches. Big napkins and cutlery will also fit in den doily cornet. You can even add a name tag to your pouch as to be seen on the right side of the foto. At the end of your teat time party just put a single flower into the pouch and offer it as a little souvenir to your guests.