Happy Easter


Eggs in a glass


Before starting your Easter cooking I just want to show you an easy way to use the eggshells for your table setting. Just crack the eggs in a way that the lower part is a bit bigger than the top. Put them in water with dish liquid for some time, then rinse carefully and let dry on a kitchen towel.

2017_Eier2Cut some edible easter grass and fill the egg halves with it. Place some small chocolate eggs in between and put the eggshell and a paper coaster on your plates. In order to get some more space at table for all the easter delicacies put a wine or waterglass upside down and set it on your plates to build the bell jar for your eggs. If you wish to use them as place cards just twist a small name tag round the glass stem.
If your eggshell doesn’t stand upright just put a small glue dot or some double sided adhesive tape in the middle of your paper coaster and put the egg halves on top.


Chocolate tartes


Fast, easy and very, very tasty – chocolate tartelettes looking a bit like fried eggs. A real eye-catcher for Easter given you’re in possession of the necessary molds. Sarah posted it in her German blog “Alles und Anderes” last year. I lightly changed the recipe and tried another version of easter egg cookies. The tartelettes maybe prepared 1-2 days in advance if they’re stored in an airtight container. The filling is made of curd and cream cheese with crème fraîche. It’s best to prepare the tartelettes in the morning when serving them in the afternoon for tea time. Thus the tartelettes will be a bit softer.


Pastry for 6-8 tartelettes:150g wheat flout, 70 g dark chocolate, 50g powdered sugar, 75g unsalted butter, 2 egg yolks
Filling: 100g curd cheese, 100g cream cheese, 50g crème fraîche, 60g sugar, some vanilla pulp, tinned apricots, some chopped pistachios

Melt chocolate in a bain-marie. Mix flour, soft butter, egg yolk and powdered sugar in a large bowl and add melted chocolate. Work well and knead to a soft pastry. Wrap it  in food foil and keep it in the refridgerator for half an hour. Then preheat the oven at 175°C and roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface. Cut round circles with a corresponding round cookie cutter and put them in your greased tartelette molds. Press the pastry accurately and poke small holes with a fork. Bake for 15-20 minutes and cool them in their molds on a baking rack.
Now put them in an airtight container for storing until Easter or continue their preparation directly.
Let the apricots drain in a strainer. Mix curd chees, crème fraîche, cream cheese, vanilla pulp and sugar in a bowl. Give some cream in the middle of each tartelette and smooth it with a table spoon. Put an apricot on top of the cream and here you are with the reproduction of a fried egg. If you like spread some chopped pistachio on top.
There are only six tartelette molds in my personal pool and I didn’t want to cook a second round. That’s why I cut some thin easter eggs with the excess pastry.


These cookies only need to be cooked for 12 minutes. After cooling them apply some cream on half of the egg cookies and place a second one on top. Cover their surface with cream too and cut a small egg yolk from an apricot with the help of a shot glass. These eggs will be an attraction of your tea time table too.



Easter napkins


Being crazy about sewing made me neglect my blog during the last weeks. Right now, a few days before Easter it’s time for crafting and decorating again. I love decorations that don’t cost a fortune and don’t need to be stored afterwards. For a lovely Easter table you’ll simply have to work with some different paper napkins. The cutlery is hidden in large paper carrot. Therefor I took two small green and orange paper napkins.

2017_Ostern2Fold the orange napkin in half and twist a cornet with it starting in the middle of the long side. Put the cornet on a plate and insert the cutlery. Fold inside the cornet’s upper edge. Then fold a double sail with the green napkin. Smoothly flatten the four sails to get the shape of a carrot’s green and put it inside of the orange napkin hiding the cutlery this way. Put a little chocolate egg with it.

The little bunny heads in different colors would be very nice for a table setting too.


The paper napkins color and design will decide wether the bunnies are looking funny or coming along in a more traditional design. Find a folding instruction at tasteofhome.com. Take the traditional paper napkins of 33 x 33 cm. For a safe stand simply insert a small chocolate Easter egg.
Add some flowers and Easter eggs in matcing colours to get a perfect table setting.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend


Maybe real diamonds are a bit too expesnive but then just make your own alternative with really lovely papers. I found a very comprehensive youtube instruction. You can create different diamonds in all sizes. All you need is two equal paper squares for each of them. Jenny W. Chan describes them as a nice Christmas ornament but I’m thinking thaa they’re really too nice to be used such a short time only.


That’s why I folded some of them with papers of colour matching paper sets and decorated them with different accessories. If you have already made some jewellery yourself you’ll surely dispose of a large chice of pearls and little silver or gold ornaments. You may take feathers or different ribbons as well. For my large diamonds I separated a pair of earrings bought in a bling jewellery store.

2017_Diamant1Just take off the hooks and fix the pendant with a nylon thread. Jenny’s explaining it in her video but I want to point out that you really have to insert the thread for hanging and decorating with accessories before gluing the two parts of your diamond. In addition I’d like to mention that it will be much easier to put the halves together correctly after having interlaced them once without using glue. Press them lightly and then start to apply glue on the tips. Deocrated with little feathers and a plastic easter egg the diamonds may be used as an Easter table decoration. Now go and have some fun when selecting your papers and folding the diamonds.