Atmospheric Lamps


Always new, very nice and matching with your decoration! I’ll show today how easy it is to make these little candle lamps. For these lamps I didn’t even need an hour, selection of paper included. I found the idea while looking for something else. All you need ist a nice jar, a tea light, double faced Scotch tape or a glue pen and translucent paper. According to the event or place you may take transparent paper, scrapbooking paper and gift wrapping paper. For a standard wine glass your paper should mesure at least 8.3 x 11.4 inches. For the little lamp on a liqueur glass I took a remainder of 6.3 x 7.8 inches. Depending on height and circumference of the glass I changed the size of my pattern to be downloaded here.
Chose a paper, draw outlines of pattern on its backside and cut out carefully. On one side you should either fix the Scotch tape or a line with your glue pen. Take of the protective paper and fix the other side of your lamp on top. Give a tea light into your glass and put your lamp shade on it.
If you like it you may cut the bottom of your shade with contour scissors, punch out a border or glue some ribbons or paper motives on it. This should be done best before closing the shade.
These candle lamps are made for table settings as well as for room decoration. In the wink of an eye a wonderful table setting or a romantic light is created.

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