Eggs in a glass


Before starting your Easter cooking I just want to show you an easy way to use the eggshells for your table setting. Just crack the eggs in a way that the lower part is a bit bigger than the top. Put them in water with dish liquid for some time, then rinse carefully and let dry on a kitchen towel.

2017_Eier2Cut some edible easter grass and fill the egg halves with it. Place some small chocolate eggs in between and put the eggshell and a paper coaster on your plates. In order to get some more space at table for all the easter delicacies put a wine or waterglass upside down and set it on your plates to build the bell jar for your eggs. If you wish to use them as place cards just twist a small name tag round the glass stem.
If your eggshell doesn’t stand upright just put a small glue dot or some double sided adhesive tape in the middle of your paper coaster and put the egg halves on top.


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