Easter napkins


Being crazy about sewing made me neglect my blog during the last weeks. Right now, a few days before Easter it’s time for crafting and decorating again. I love decorations that don’t cost a fortune and don’t need to be stored afterwards. For a lovely Easter table you’ll simply have to work with some different paper napkins. The cutlery is hidden in large paper carrot. Therefor I took two small green and orange paper napkins.

2017_Ostern2Fold the orange napkin in half and twist a cornet with it starting in the middle of the long side. Put the cornet on a plate and insert the cutlery. Fold inside the cornet’s upper edge. Then fold a double sail with the green napkin. Smoothly flatten the four sails to get the shape of a carrot’s green and put it inside of the orange napkin hiding the cutlery this way. Put a little chocolate egg with it.

The little bunny heads in different colors would be very nice for a table setting too.


The paper napkins color and design will decide wether the bunnies are looking funny or coming along in a more traditional design. Find a folding instruction at tasteofhome.com. Take the traditional paper napkins of 33 x 33 cm. For a safe stand simply insert a small chocolate Easter egg.
Add some flowers and Easter eggs in matcing colours to get a perfect table setting.


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