Hearts everywhere


All hearts and really all of them are made with two equal paper circles. To cut them out I used all sorts of things I found in the kitchen: a cup, a jar, a little round box and a round punch with curly edge. On the lower right side of the picture you can see how both circles are folded in halves and then combined. Just fix both sides with some glue.  For the paper you may take whatever you’ll find. I used a lot of leftovers to create some samples in different sizes and design mixes. The picture below shows some more sophisticated hearts that are made with paper matching the color of dishes, flowers and napkins. Decorate your hearts with further accessories and they’ll be perfect for a first communion, for a birthday dinner, as a place card or as a wrapping for a little guest goodie.


The smaller hearts are cut with a diameter of 4,6 and 9 cm. If you take the 6cm size you may even put small paper napkins inside. Normal sized napkins will need a bigger heart. For the lovely heart bags cut out 11cm circles and add two sripes of 1x15cm of cardstock to make handles. With Mother’s Day approaching I filled the little bags with small things every Mum will be fond of. A bag with one of these fillings will be very nice for your best friend or any other people you want to delight. 2016_Heart2If you plan to take the heart bag for a money gift then just fold a butterfly with the inserted banknote (already folded as a square) and fix it to the heart’s top bow with a small glue dot. Find the link for a folding instruction in one of my former posts. A voucher for will fit as well. And well, even if you don’t see any occasion to ue them right now just make a sample and keep it in mind. Spontaneously there’s lots of occasions to use them: place cards, a little hello, to say thank you, a goodie for participants of a workshop, sample for an unplanned crafting with friends, little gift tag etc….



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