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Summertime means meeting friends at home to make a BBQ or just spend some time on a lovely terrace or balcony. On a hot summer day you may surprise your guests with a sweet coconut candy. I saw this idea on Annas Blog Bastelglanz and liked it so much that I had to try it myself immediately. Decorate it with different accessories. I decided for some butterflies shown in a former post but hearts or flowers will be very nice too.


A nicely wrapped Raffaello candy.

You’ll need a 4,5 x 15cm long card stock stripe to wrap your candy. Score it at 5 and at 14cm. Pull the middle part over your folding tool to make the cardstock vault. Fix the candy with a glue dot on the 5cm part and fold the remaining stripe to cover it. Fix the 1cm lap at the bottom. Now your candy’s ready for decoration. Take a butterfly, flower or heart to glue on top. If you like just print some name tags and attach them to your decoration. The lot f butterflies may sit in the center of your table or just on each guest’s plate. It’s very nice too if you hide one of the wrapped candies in a bouquet of flowers with the purpose to say thank you for an invitation or something else.



Father’s day


A shirt or a necktie for dad – simply boring. But what about such lovely sandwich bag shirts filled with tiny goodies for father or grandfather. Matching with the planned barbecue we chose mini brandy bottles and some chocolate candies. The shirts may be placed on Dad’s breakfast seat or on your BBQ buffet table.

Cut off the mostly serrated top of the sandwich bag. Then make a slightly angular 3 – 4cm long cut on the bag’s both sides. Fold both flaps to the bag’s center to get the shirt collar. Open again and fill your bag with goodies. Then choose some card stock matching with your table setting or having Dad’s favourite color to cut a neck- or bow tie. You may take pages of magazines as well. Glue necktie on top of your bag, fold collar and fix with some glue dots too. To prevent goodies from dropping out you should fold back the shoulders and glue them at the back of your bag. Stamped motives or name tags are a nice way to personalize your shirts. Besides candies you may take mini beauty products, vouchers or the kids’ small diy goodies.

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First communion


Wether it’s for the First Holy Communion, Confirmation or for baptism the decoration shown hereafter is done quickly. We love paper fishes and this one is just made with paper stripes in different sizes. The large one is made with a stripe of 2 x 25cm. Mesuring 5 cm from each end maketwo 1,2cm long opposite cuts. That’s the point you can put the stripes together. Cut both ends aslope to get the tail fin. The stripe’s length and width determins how large your fish will be. To use it as a place card we punched a small fish and fixed it inside the large one with a sewing thread. Pull it through the large fish with a needle or fix it with a drop of glue.


Matching with the large one we placed a smaller, made with a punch, on top of our napkin holder. The holder is made with a 4 x 25cm stripe. Decorate it with a small ribbon or another wave cut stripe. Form a loop with your holder and fix it with an 1 x 10cm stripe glued in its back. Just add the small fish with a 3D adhesive pad.


Both, napkin and cutlery will find enough place in this kind of holder. Choose some small wine glasses with lamp shade to hold your candles. Cut several small fishes to put them all over your table. The stripes are between 12 and 15cm long. (If you don’t want to buy a punch just ask around in your neighbourhood or at school to find one and ask for permission to punch some of the fishes.) Take small flowers to go with your decoration enabling your guests to have nice conversations with the ones sitting opposite. We decided for single flowers rapped in sisal grass. Tibias Kopp from Switzerland showed them under the name flora-line at facebook. Fix the grass with either a simple silver wire (blue flower) or a ribbon with pearls (red and pink flower). If you dispose of a large table then you may add some bear grass and thread some single pearls.


Put the flower in a fitting vase. For the rose we didn’t punch fishes but folded butterflies to go with it. The napkin is folded as a flower and holds a chocolate truffle.


Just have a look at my last year Easter post to get the butterflie’s folding instructions. Fold them with printed papers to put them on the table. Take single colored papers to use them as a place card. The chocolate truffle may serve as place card too. Cut a matching name tag and fix one end at the bottom of your little chocolate. Otherwise cut a green paper leaf to write down your guest’s name. Large natural leaves will work too. Then you should write the names with a silver or gold permanent marker.

Our last flower is sitting in a test tube because the vetches’ stems are very thin.


The sisal grass however won’t be wrapped around the flower in this case. Just tear and flaten the grass a little bit to place it behind the blooms and fix it at the test tube’s top. We used a ribbon with pearls and wound it carefully through the flowers. To prevent water from flowing on your table put the tube on a small stone not seen through the flowers. Both, fish an butterfly my be arranged with all flowers and if you can’t decide for one ot them you may take my paper hearts instead. Choose some paper napkins matching with your flowers’ color and within short time you’ll craft a lovely decoration.



Happy Easter


Eggs in a glass


Before starting your Easter cooking I just want to show you an easy way to use the eggshells for your table setting. Just crack the eggs in a way that the lower part is a bit bigger than the top. Put them in water with dish liquid for some time, then rinse carefully and let dry on a kitchen towel.

2017_Eier2Cut some edible easter grass and fill the egg halves with it. Place some small chocolate eggs in between and put the eggshell and a paper coaster on your plates. In order to get some more space at table for all the easter delicacies put a wine or waterglass upside down and set it on your plates to build the bell jar for your eggs. If you wish to use them as place cards just twist a small name tag round the glass stem.
If your eggshell doesn’t stand upright just put a small glue dot or some double sided adhesive tape in the middle of your paper coaster and put the egg halves on top.