Easter rabbits for big girls


Well, today we’ll just make some Easter rabbits that of course will be loved by kids but by Mums and Dads too. Select some fabric leftovers or cotton neckties to create your own rabbit family. You’ll need wooden balls with holes and these should be drilled through the entire ball.  Chose the color you like and take balls mesuring about one inch.


Download the free template and print it. Fold your fabric in half, left sides out, and transfer the rabbit’s shape. Sew it with a seam allowance of 1/4 inch leaving a gap in one of the ears for turning the fabric afterwards. Cut back the seam allowance at the top of the ears and turn your fabric. Clearly work out all tips and folds with a crochet hook or a knitting needle. Put a small funnel in the ear’s gap and fill the body with rice or decoration granulate. Then close the gap with a slip or ladder stitch. Twist both ears together and pull them through the wooden ball’s hole. Unfold and shape both ears. If you like you may add some lavender buds to the granulate so that your rabbits will release a lovely perfume to your home.


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Kid’s easter


Since a long long time these white table spoons were looking at me each time I went downstairs to look for something stored in an old kitchen cupboard. This year I stumbled over some different ways to “misuse” them for decoration. I specially liked these cute rabbit girls and made some of them with the kids of our daycare group. Draw the faces with permanent markers. Some kids chose googly eyes for their version. Cut out some dresses or skirts and then start to make accessories. Ours were pouches, bows and waistbelts. One of them even cut the basic dress in halves to get a shirt and a little skirt. (see 1st one on the left) The arms are made with ice sticks but I’ve seen some made with Q-tips or straws too. Just take what you’ve got at home.

Some tinkerers among the group’s boys wanted to help the girls and constructed a stand using Lego bricks. They may as well be put in an egg cup or small flower pot filled with sand. Another funny idea is to tuck them on the edge of a little Easter basket.


Valentine hearts



If you’re looking for a last minute Valentine’s decoration this is just the best solution. Take my free template, print it and transfer it to the selected paper or card stock. The treat bag is a folded heart. We had origami paper mesuring 16 x 16cm. Fold it in half from both sides and open folds again. Then fold diagonally from both sides and reopen these folds too. Now fold paper in half again so that the long open sides are on the top. Fold the lower right and left corner inside to get a triangle standing on its tip. (Follow step 1-4 here and then turn your triangle.) Now put the heart template on top and cut out the upper part. Glue the right and left inner part of your heart bag and insert a paper stripe as a handle. Put some chocolate or a nice whish inside and here you are with a lovely Valentine’s decoration.


55 years Franco-German friendship treaty


Cookie Mix in a jar: sent by our penfriend who’s actually living and working in Corsica.