Midget forest


Autumn and winter, that means a lot of things to be found outside for crafting. When calling my Mum to hear what’s going on at home she told me of some sweat little fly agarics made with acorns and their hats that she had seen somewhere in a showcase. I just didn’t need more information to grap my bike and look for all the places known for enormous funds of acorns and beechnuts. When drying the acorns usually loose their hats so that I could easily paint them in red and put some white dots on top. The acorns need to be painted in white and then glued (best will be hot glue) to their hats again but upside down to get the shape of the agarics body. For my personal decoration this year I chose an old piece of branch to glue some cones, my little fly agarics, a chestnut casing on top. Then just add some beechnuts or little conifer cones, wind some green fairy wool around and here you are with a lovely midget forest.


Autumn roses


Autumn has arrived and with it all the wonderful colored leaves, pumpkins and different nuts. For my decoration however I wanted to take something else as a center piece. It was just by chance that I found the video instruction for lovely roses made with florist felt strips. These strips are available in different sizes from 3-10 cm. I chose a roll of 4cm wide felt and cut a strip of 1m for the red rose. The brown one is made with a smaller strip. I didn’t even use the florist wire to fix my flower. I just inserted the end of the strip at the backside of the flower and sat it down in some moss.


These little roses are made with 3cm wide strips only 30cm long. They’re cut from traditional crafting felt sheets. Put them on a small birch wreath or directly on your table cloth. If you need a decoration just for one day then you may take natural leaves to go with your roses instead of felt leaves.


A further use for these flowers is to take them as a napkin holder. Cut out a paper leaf to put the name of your guests on it. Small and flimsy feathers go well with the flowers too. I like the contrast between the felt’s dense structure and the rather delicate feathers. It’s best to prepare some roses and just play a bit with accessories mostly available at home.


Marinated potato salad


For our last barbecue I was asked to make a potato salad, one of the Germans’ favorites. There’s still home-grown rocket and radish available. That’s why I chose this recipe from a Dr. Oetker’s book with potato and pasta salads. Thanks to marinating the potatoes over night you may prepare this salad the previous day.

Four servings will need:

Marinade: 125ml vegetable stock, 2 tbsp vinegar, 2 tbsp olive oil
Salad: 750g small potatoes boiled in the skin, 1 rocket bunch, 1 radish bunch, 50g walnuts
Horseradish creme: 1 can of crème fraîche, 2 tsp creamy horseradish, salt, sugar

Cook vegetable stock and put aside to cool. Pour in vinegar and fold in olive oil.
Cook potatoes in their skin. Cool them, peel them and slice them before giving them in a large bowl. Mix potatoes with vegetable stock and marinate over night.
Wash radish and rocket. Slice radish and cut rocket into bite-sized pieces and give both to the marinated potatoes.
Mix crème fraîche and horseradish, season with salt and sugar and add to potato salad. Fold it in carefully an hour before serving. Finally chop the walnuts and disperse them on top of the salad. Serve it immediately then.





Lavender in your garden or on your terrace will keep away midges or other insects. You won’t like to put a whole pot of lavender on your table and you won’t like cutting them all neither. A single hydrangea flower, it’s the second generation for me this summer, will make the perfect stand for single lavender stalks. To create a quite natural look just place the hydrangea flower in a little glass filled with water and wrap your glass with a sandwich bag that you scrunched before. Twist some twine around and make a bow. Now you just have to add the lavender stalks and here you are with a late summer center piece. I put it on a wooden board with a tea light holder made of corrugated cardboard.

I like to try new things and therefore I took some further pictures in two different ways. If you don’t dispose of a photoshop software or special filters then simply use things everybody has at home. For the first picture I simply put some plastic wrap in front of my lens and for the second one I wrapped the foil around the edge of the lens just leaving some free space in the middle.

2016_Lavendel22016_Lavendel3This way I didn’t only get some nice pictures for my blog but also some more for making lovely greeting cards.







All you need for this lovely summer feeling is two ingredients. Two ingredients to get a soft and creamy sorbet without any additional sugar. I took one banana and about 250g of fresh strawberries to prepare two small sundaes. Wash strawberries, take off their green and cut large ones in halves. Cut banana in half lengthwise and cut the halves into thin slices then. Put fruit in a freezer can and freeze for at least two hours. Then crush them with a hand blender until creamy. Pour in a sundae bowl and serve immediately. If you made a bit more than you need instantly you may freeze the sorbet again. It won’t be that creamy any more afterwards but still delicious. You may assemble bananas with other fruit like peaches, nectarines or apricots as well.