Christmas crown


This little Christmas crown’s perfect as a little goodie for a Holiday invitation or as a place holder for your festive Christmas table. Fill it with everything you like for Christmas. We took a small Christma ball, some angels hair, some fir twigs, pearls, a white feather and a small heart made of handmade porcelain. You’ll need a piece of card stock paper (120g) mesuring at least 20 x 15,5 cm. The free template  shows exactly how to cut the six points of my crown. The 0.5cm stripe on the right side will be needed for closing it into a round. After glueing it the crown’s last tip needs to be recut. When dried put some further glue on the crown’s bottom and place it on your remaining piece of cardstock. Leave for drying and before starting to decorate your crown just cut away the outstanding cardstock. Then use the back of a knife or a folding tool to bow the crown’s tips. If you like it a bit glittery just shadow the edges with silver stamping color.


If you like to use the crown as a place holder then just attach a little name tag outside or put it beside the Christmas ball. For a better stand I put my crwon on top of a wooden star matching with those holding my Christmas candles. My name tag’s just sitting under the crown so that I can easily take it away and use the crown elsewhere. You could as well use the little paper star inside the crown to write down the guest’s name. In case of using the crown as a little gift you should fix it with some glue to the wooden star.


Here my crown’s sitting in a small wooden tray shaped as a star. I accompanied it with a tea light and some fir twigs. The edges of my porcelain star are also shadowed with stamping color. It’s a really nice set for your center piece. It could be realised in every differtent color.


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