Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day – for some of us just a commercial thing and for the others a nice occasion to show your husband, family or friends how much you care about them. You can even do this without spending a lot of money. So why not decorate your table in special way at least for one meal today.  Simply check your funds and assemble lots of deco parts in one colour. Take a nice table cloth, matching paper napkins and candles to make your table look very special. I you thought of it last week and bought some chocolate hearts, put them on each plate or line them in the middle of your table. If you don’t have any hearts at hand just make them yourself with a simple chocolate bar. Choose a heart shaped cookie cutter and warm it up by dipping it into a bit of hot water to cut your chocolate. Instead of printed paper napkins you may as well take simple ones, cut thin strips of paper and write down your own words. Put the strips on top of your napkins or twist them around like a napkin holder. Further parts of the same colour like vases, bowls, biscuits or sweets will complete the outlook of your decoration made in love.


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