Paper bows simply embellish every wrapping. They can be made with quite expensive punches but I prefer the economical method of cutting them myself with a template. It’s easily done with paper but they’re looking quite nice with card stock too. Then you should stretch the upper part over a scissor blade.


Transfer the selected bow parts to your pape and cut them out. If you need a bigger bow just scale up the template with a copier.


For the upper bow just revert both sides to the back and glue the outer nose-pieces to the middle. Then glue your bow to the white base. (Unfortunately the picture’s a bit cloudy but the bow was already glued when I noticed it.)


Now twist the black stripe round the middle of your bow and glue it to the back.
My bow’s decorating a little box resembling a shirt that’s filled with a bank note. Attached to a small bottle of sparkling wine or some chocolate it’s a lovely birthday gift.
Further suggestions for thee use of such bows and a template for my box will follow.

Little sailing boats


Ship ahoy! Prepare your driftwood or small branches drilling little holes for toothpicks or party skewers. Then cut square pieces of fabric or paper napkins with sides a bit smaller than the hull of your boats. Toothpicks and party skewers will make perfect masts.


Fold your square diagonally and cut two holes at 0,5cm from the edge on one side. Push your mast through the holes from top to bottom and attach it with a drop of glue using the drilled hole. Make a further cut at the bottom of your fold and pull through a small piece of twine. Secure it with a knot outside the sail and glue a second know to the hull. Finally push together your sail on the side of your mast making it look like billowing in the wind.




Napkin rings


For making these napkin rings you’ll need about 85cm of twine. Wind it three times around the first three fingers of your hand and make a knot with both ends. Leave about 5-6cm on each side and make a further knot at the ends to avoid unravelling. Fix the twisted ring inside the seashell with a little spot of hot glue. When the glue has completely dried you can pull the napkins through it.


 If you don’t like the twine ends to be seen beneath your seashell just cut them off and glue the twine ring in the middle of your seashell.


Marine table setting


Just have a look and enjoy. Then probably go and look for your marine accessories stored in bags or boxes.


If you want to make these little boats then start collecting driftwood or parts of broken branches. Furtheron you’ll need some paper napkins or fabric leftovers, toothpicks or party skewers and twine.


For these napkin rings you’ll need some bigger seashells, twine and hot glue. I intentionally chose two different napkins just to show the reciprocal effect of napkin and seashell color. Paper napkins will serve as well.
Further detailed pictures and instructions will follow.

Oh summer, where are you?


Having a look at our kitchen calendar we can learn it’s summer. The sky over Rhineland and the actual temperatures just tell us something different. There’s only one little chance to feel a bit better – go and get a bit of summer feeling into the house. Then I usually take comfort in eating a large sundae. A lite but delicious version is a frozen yogurt. Enjoy it pure or decorated with fruit, nuts or any fruit coulis you like. Für vier kleinere Portionen benötigt man:

To get four little sundaes:

500ml low or full fat plain yoghurt
100ml sour cream
50-100g powdered sugar (just sweeten it as much as you like it)
different seasonal or frozen fruit
opt. some crushed amarettini, wafer rolls

Mix yoghurt, sour cream and sugar (you may take honey as well) in a large lid closed bowl. Put bowl in your freezer and remove it every 15-20 minutes to stir again. There shouldn’t come up any ice crystals. When the yoghurt is completely cooled you may take it out for serving. (It will take between one or two hours according to your freezer adjustment)
My sundae’s decorated with traditional summer berries. Current, strawberries and raspberries steeped in some honey to draw juice. Pour this mixture on your frozen yoghurt and spread some crushed amarettini on top. Add a wafer roll and here you are with a perfect sundae.


It’s lovely too with some chocolate, vanilla or strawberry sauce. And if you don’t look outside when eating it you really may believe in summer.