Paper bows simply embellish every wrapping. They can be made with quite expensive punches but I prefer the economical method of cutting them myself with a template. It’s easily done with paper but they’re looking quite nice with card stock too. Then you should stretch the upper part over a scissor blade.


Transfer the selected bow parts to your pape and cut them out. If you need a bigger bow just scale up the template with a copier.


For the upper bow just revert both sides to the back and glue the outer nose-pieces to the middle. Then glue your bow to the white base. (Unfortunately the picture’s a bit cloudy but the bow was already glued when I noticed it.)


Now twist the black stripe round the middle of your bow and glue it to the back.
My bow’s decorating a little box resembling a shirt that’s filled with a bank note. Attached to a small bottle of sparkling wine or some chocolate it’s a lovely birthday gift.
Further suggestions for thee use of such bows and a template for my box will follow.

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