Yoghurt tartlets


A jaunty pleasure for dessert – allowed even during lent. Take some crunchy granola  for the bottom and mix it with soft unsalted butter. Give mixture in silicone muffin molds then. P2162426Whisk plain yoghurt with some honey and pour it over the crunchy bottom. If you like it even more fluffy whisk one egg white and fold it into the yoghurt cream. Place some chopped or small whole fruit on top and put molds on a little board. Insert board into a freezer bag and freeze tartlets for 1-1,5 hours. Remove 10 minutes before serving and dust with some powdered sugar. The result is a creamy, melting frozen yoghurt accompanied by a crunchy nut taste.

For 8 tartlets you’ll need:
4-5 tbsp crunchy granola (chop larger parts)
20-30g soft, unsalted butter
8-10 tbsp plain yoghurtsom
some honey for sweetening
if wanted one egg white


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