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Chocolate ball angel

Looking for some lovely Holiday decorations I found these nice angels made with cardstock boxes and a Ferrero Rocher chocolate ball. Find the detailed instruction at the site of “mein Haus, mein Garten, mein Hobby“. Though it’s only written in German most of you will be able to follow it thanks to the self explaining […]

Avent candles

Until last year I always had my advent wreath hanging from my living room’s ceiling. This year our sofa’s just standing at that place. That’s why for these holidays I won’t have a traditional wreath. I found some lovely, stripped railway sleepers of different sizes that fit perfectly with my sliding curtains. I wrapped each […]

Healthy and yet delicious

One of the few things I like about autumn is those mellow persimmons. Preferably I’m savouring them in my yoghurt but every now and then I’m trying a new recipe. Today it’s a lettuce composition with sliced persimmon and pomegranate seeds. Ingredients: 1 persimmon, 2 hands full  of  lettuce per individual (lamb’s, frisée, crisphead lettuce, […]

Midget forest

Autumn and winter, that means a lot of things to be found outside for crafting. When calling my Mum to hear what’s going on at home she told me of some sweat little fly agarics made with acorns and their hats that she had seen somewhere in a showcase. I just didn’t need more information […]

Autumn roses

Autumn has arrived and with it all the wonderful colored leaves, pumpkins and different nuts. For my decoration however I wanted to take something else as a center piece. It was just by chance that I found the video instruction for lovely roses made with florist felt strips. These strips are available in different sizes […]