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Autumn’s coming

While most of the summer flowers run out of steam our automn plants like dahlia, sunflower, Chinese lantern and hydrangea just start to be in top form. So why not take them in or put them on our patio table. When strolling through the local woods keep your eyes peeled for pieces of tree bark […]

Blueberry cake

What’s best for summer? Fresh berries! Add them to a fluffy batter and they will make a lovely summer cake to be enjoyed as a dessert or for tea time. Ingredients: 250ml whipping cream, 2 cups sugar, 3 cup flour, 4 eggs, 1 bag baking powder, 300 – 350g blueberries, some powdered sugar Grease baking […]

Sweet flamingo

Wether you’re young or not, a sporty or a more romantic girl. Pink or apricot will never ever be wron. Look at these lovely flamingos which I found on the site of Use them to hold a napkin or to hold the place for your guests.  You’ll need pink or white card stock, pink […]

Iced cucumber soup

For more than two weeks we’re having around 30°C and everybody feels quite exhausted and no need to do a lot of cooking. On the occasion of our last vacation to the Spreewald (Spree forest) in the south of Berlin we tasted one of the specialities made with cucumber. It’s a light soup that doesn’t […]

Seeing that…

it’s more and more difficult to find really good crafting and decorating ideas my number of new posts has constantly decreased. For my husband’s online magazine I’m still writing a weekly post with recipes, diy instructions or anything that could be interesting for crafters. In order to provide my readers with these ideas I will […]