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Pumpkin recipes and lots of halloween decoration stuff in crafting stores. Trick or treat is a question meanwhile asked in Germany too and specially this year with the 31st of October beeing a public holiday we will have halloween parties in many households. Searching the web I found a lovely idea for wrapping this year’s […]

Autumn crowns

For all those who love autumn colours I’ll show you some tin can crowns in a different colour version. After some experience with several crowns I now start priming all of them  with white colour first. When this coat has dried you may continue painting with mixed colours. For the ferreous look I poured black, […]

How to make a crown

If you have carefully cleaned your tin cans and taken off the paper labels you may start directly with their transformation into crowns. To divide the circumference equally for the crown’s tips you may work two different methods. In both cases you will need a stripe of paper as high as the can and covering […]

Royal table

For my today’s post I have to go into greater detail. My husband’s Schuetzen-formation called William Tell Formation is having a shooting competition (using a wooden bird) every year. The winning contestant will be their “King of Formation” and his wife as his queen has to organize a women’s breakfast during Schuetzenfest /marksmen’s festival. For […]

Back to school

Soon we’ll have to got back to school and for some of us it’s just the very first day of school that should be enlightened a little bit. With the help of brother or sister, grandparents and maybe godparents you could celebrate this day. Oversize card stock pencils (seen at and adapted) will be […]