Chocolate ball angel


Looking for some lovely Holiday decorations I found these nice angels made with cardstock boxes and a Ferrero Rocher chocolate ball. Find the detailed instruction at the site of “mein Haus, mein Garten, mein Hobby“. Though it’s only written in German most of you will be able to follow it thanks to the self explaining pictures. If not, don’t hesitate to contact me. 2016_rocherengel2I’ll take some of my angels as a birthday gift or just offer them occasionalley to a good friend. Place them in front of each seat, attach a name tag and use them as table decoration and place card. Put an angel into a little wooden star tray, add  some Christmas balls and paper stars to use it as a center piece. Everybody will be impressed. Some wadding makes the angel look like standing on a bed of fluffy clouds. Use transparent papers for the angel’s wings and fix the Rocher ball with a bit of glue. Therefor cut off most of the brown chocolate paper, usually holding the ball, leaving only the small center area for gluing.
For all who don’t like mesuring and drawing I’m offering a free  template  for box and wings. Simply print, cut out and glue on top of some cardstock to use it several times. Please care for adjusting the printed page to the userdefined scale of 100%. Choose color and paper of your tags according to the occasion you want to use them for. This year my angels will hold little paper stars as name tags for dinner at Christmas Eve.
















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