Easter butterflies


A few days ago I had a fb-post from foreverymom.com showing a video instruction for some lovely folded paper butterflies. I had seen them before but simply forgotten to download the video. Quite lucky to read about them again I immediately had several ideas where and how to decorate them. I’ll put lots of them on my Sunday Easter table together with some daffodils and Easter eggs. With the help of some glue dots I placed the butterflies on top of small chocolate eggs. Thus they may stand in different positions.


They’re looking quite delicate when sitting beside a nice paper napkin. A chocolate egg’s once again giving the right stand. The napkin’s violas were chosen because their color fits very well with my folded butterflies. Thin origami papers with spring designs are best for these little flying artists. I prefer them in 12x12cm squares however 2016_Ostertisch2and couldn’t stop folding. The filigree flower design in a light apricot is quite perfect for my living room buffet. I glued them to a bare branch that held Christmas balls before. The fluttering butterflies make me forget that the leaves are still missing and that the sun outside’s still not shining. Some of the 15x15cm butterflies I glued on top of bigger chocolate Easter eggs to use them as an Easter gift. For every friend I chose papers in my friends’ favorite colors.


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