Crazy Chicken


For Easter we don’t make gifts but tradtionally we have a little surprise like chocolate eggs. Those can be hidden under these crazy chicken. They look nice especially when placed in a group. They may also work as carrier for a little gift of money. I found the how-to instruciton in a magazine called “mein schoenes land” and fell in love with them immediately.
You’ll need some paper (different colors and patterns), uni colored card stock, a pencil, scissors, glue or double-sided adhesive tape, different round plates.
Draw circles on backside of your paper with the help of the round plates and cut out. Fold circles in the middle and cut in halves. Roll a cornet with each half and fix with some glue. Transfer pattern to plain-colored cardstock and cut out. Cut two eyes out of white paper and draw black pupils and glue eyes on both sides of head. Cut two slits into the body of your chicken and place chicken head inside. For the tail you need two or three thin stripes of paper. Twist them round your pencil, glue them together and fix at the lower end of the chicken’s body.
To hide some smalle Easter eggs you can take a dessert plate but for bigger eggs you’ll need a larger plate or even one for cakes with about 11″ diameter. If you like you can wind a ribbon round the chicken’s neck. There you can easily place curled banknote.

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