Sweetest cleaning rag ever


I love cupcakes, I really do and these colourful ones shown in a Crafts, homeschooling and more-video convinced me immediately. A wonderful idea for all kinds of occasions. You may roll up a pair of socks, small guest towels or even microfiber rags. All of them need to be rolled up, probably fixed with a thin rubber band, and then put into the cupcake mold. They’re available in most food and crafting stores but it’s quite easy to make some yourself. I took the small template shown in a former post but still had to shorten it a little bit to prevent the socks from falling apart too far. The red guest towel’s cupcake is decrated with the edge of a paper doily. The black and white cupcakes are all filled with mikrofiber rags. Cheap ones are to be found in well assorted drugstores.


Put some further decoration in the center of each cupcake cloth. Take chocolate sweets, lip sticks, a tiny shower gel or simply a little tag – see foto on the left and cut out a double heart and glue a small wire in between. On the right side I decorated them with some other goodies. Between the two socks I rolled up a little bag with a face mask, the guest towel holds a cornet with a bathing salt and the yellow cupcake is decorated with a tiny shower gel. If you want to use the cupcakes as a gift just hang a little tag with a nice word around the top and as a guest goodie mark your guests’ names and place them besides the place covers. The more colors you chose for your cupcakes the more fun you will have with your decoration but a color-coordinated arrangement will be nice too.


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