Summer garland

Sommergirlande6Why not decorate your table with a garland of summer leaves? From the hedge at the end of our garden I cut a lot of cherry laures leaves having a little stem. With the help of floral binding wire I assembled three or four of these leaves to little bunches. These bunches are fixed on a rope or a plastic cord closely spaced. When riding my bike I use to stop every now and then to collect flowers, branches or fruit of shrubs growing at the roadside.These are rose hips, elder, snowberries and the snowballbush with its wonderful red berries. I loosely placed these finds between the laurel leaves.
Maybe you’ll find it looking too much like autumn already. Then simply place fresh flowers in between the leaves and you’ll have summer back on your table.

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  • Sommergirlande/Summer garland/Guirlande d’été

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