Kid’s easter


Since a long long time these white table spoons were looking at me each time I went downstairs to look for something stored in an old kitchen cupboard. This year I stumbled over some different ways to “misuse” them for decoration. I specially liked these cute rabbit girls and made some of them with the kids of our daycare group. Draw the faces with permanent markers. Some kids chose googly eyes for their version. Cut out some dresses or skirts and then start to make accessories. Ours were pouches, bows and waistbelts. One of them even cut the basic dress in halves to get a shirt and a little skirt. (see 1st one on the left) The arms are made with ice sticks but I’ve seen some made with Q-tips or straws too. Just take what you’ve got at home.

Some tinkerers among the group’s boys wanted to help the girls and constructed a stand using Lego bricks. They may as well be put in an egg cup or small flower pot filled with sand. Another funny idea is to tuck them on the edge of a little Easter basket.


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