Lemon Curd


Well, I have to post the recipe for a fresh and fruity lemon curd because I want to use it for some delicate and lightly, tartish Easter egg cookies. Further the curd is perfect for filling cakes or bread rolls.

For two glasses you’ll need:

3 – 4 bio lemons, 3 eggs size M, 220g caster sugar, 75g unsalted butter

Wash lemons carefully, squeeze juice (150ml) and grate zest. Melt butter in a pan at medium heat and stir in sugar, lemon juice and zest. Lightly whisk the eggs in a bowl and pour them into the warm butter through a strainer. Stir continuously until getting a creamy mixture that shouldn’t boil in any case because it would burn then. Pour cream in clean jam jars, close lid and let them cool. Store them in the fridge for several days.
The recipe for my delicious Easter egg cookies will follow shortly and for all who understand German a lovely lemon cake will be shown at lintorfer.eu on Friday.



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