Lavender in your garden or on your terrace will keep away midges or other insects. You won’t like to put a whole pot of lavender on your table and you won’t like cutting them all neither. A single hydrangea flower, it’s the second generation for me this summer, will make the perfect stand for single lavender stalks. To create a quite natural look just place the hydrangea flower in a little glass filled with water and wrap your glass with a sandwich bag that you scrunched before. Twist some twine around and make a bow. Now you just have to add the lavender stalks and here you are with a late summer center piece. I put it on a wooden board with a tea light holder made of corrugated cardboard.

I like to try new things and therefore I took some further pictures in two different ways. If you don’t dispose of a photoshop software or special filters then simply use things everybody has at home. For the first picture I simply put some plastic wrap in front of my lens and for the second one I wrapped the foil around the edge of the lens just leaving some free space in the middle.

2016_Lavendel22016_Lavendel3This way I didn’t only get some nice pictures for my blog but also some more for making lovely greeting cards.





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