Lovely ghosts


We’ll turn back time this weekend and soon later lots of little scary figures will ring the doorbell shouting: “Trick or treat?” Simply take some sandwich bags to have some ghosts on your window sill. Paint funny ghost faces with a black felt pen and cut the bag’s bottom into 1cm wide stripes. In order to fix them on a chain of lights cut small slit on both sides of the bag to pull the chain through the bag from one side to the other. Thus the bag’s bottom will hang over your chain.


I placed some lovely colored leaves beside my ghosts. They weren’t found in our woods but in our kitchen. Their big advantage. they won’t dry, won’t crumble lateron and even for kids it’s quite easy to make them.  You’ll need filter paper and kids water colors. Use a plastic tray to work on. First lightly wet the paper with clean water, then take up the selected color with a soft paint brush and dab color on your filter paper. When dry, cut different leaves. In case of two-layered filter bags cut the leaves so that a small part of the bag’s bottom still sticks together. That allows you to simply hang them over one of the lights. Cut a small slit into single-layers filter paper and pull the chain through it alternating with the ghosts.



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