Hamburg – the gate to the world. On saturday there were still lots of tourists and other visitors strolling in the streets around the Town Hall. On sunday morning however there’s a good chance to have a cup of coffee at Alex’ situated just on the banks of inner Alster in the center of Hamburg. The only sound to be heard is launches hoot when passing the bridge. Well-groomed old town houses, among them the “Four Seasons”, will make your stay a great pleasure. From there we’ll move to the impressing Town Hall built in the neorenaissance style. It’s domicile to City Parliament and Senate. Not far from here you’ll get into the famous Speicherstadt – the world’s biggest agglomeration of storehouses built on oak-tree poles standing in water according to ebb and flow. From numerous launches you can have a look at it when crossing the channels before entering the big Hamburg harbour.
St. Michaelis (the town’s landmark) and the Elb-Philharmony are to be seen by far. Strikingly colored the houses of St. Pauli, a famous quarter with the Reeperbahn. All tourists must visit this shrieky woad wih all its sex shops and beer tavern for sailors or those who dream of being one.
The landing gates are starting point for most of the city tours on boats. The gauge measuring tower is a well known landmark for all who’re looking for a bread roll with fresh fish.
The Schanzenviertel – shrieky quarter specially liked by young people. Hamburgers love to meet in this nightlife district besides the tourist stormed Reeperbahn. Shopping fans will find lovely fashion boutiques and record shops.
The Michel’s (St. Michaelis) tower is worth a separate visit specially for sunset. From a platform beneath the top of the tower you’ll have a gorgeous view over the whole city. Buying a ticket for climbing the “Night-Michel” you’ll get a free drink in a spartanously arranged  “church-lounge” on a lower platform. Not really romantic but warming when the wind blows outside. Just around the corner you’ll get to the “Grossneumarkt” where you’ll find some nice taverns to bring the evening to an end.
If you love apples you’ve already heard of it (at least in Germany) – fruit coming from the “Old Land”. The Old Land is a part of the Elbe-Marsh-Lands in the south of Hamburg. As far as your eyes can see you’ll find apple and other fruit trees directly behind the embankment. Jork, Luehe, Neuenfeld, Cranz and Francop all little hamlets invite for a walk on the dyke and a fish bread roll afterwards. At high tide and nice weather you can watch the large cargo ships on their way to or from Hamburg.
Hamburg – a city, worth a trip. Even in its center you can find rather inexpensive hotel rooms if you don’t bother having a train or bus station, a big street or crossroads in reech. We didn’t feel disturbed because when coming back to the hotel after a whole day walking we fell to bed tired to death. Plan some more money for good meals in restaurants and try to be there before the usual mealtimes because most of the time all seats are occupied. It’s however no problem to get a fish bread roll, a burger or a sandwich on the cheap.
A large part of your budget will be spent for entrance fees. You can avoid it buying a Hamburg Card. If you prefer shopping instead of sightseeing you should buy a groups’ day ticket for about 12 Euros. A group of five may travel around the city until 6 the next morning. That allows you to visit several shopping quarters and to come back to the hotel with the same ticket.

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