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Yoghurt tartlets

A jaunty pleasure for dessert – allowed even during lent. Take some crunchy granola  for the bottom and mix it with soft unsalted butter. Give mixture in silicone muffin molds then. Whisk plain yoghurt with some honey and pour it over the crunchy bottom. If you like it even more fluffy whisk one egg white […]


Lent, bad weather, an abominable cold and then, well then my laptop, not even one year old, completely wrecked. A good reason to be furious and disappointed because it means that my posting activities will be vigorously reduced. It happened last Tuesday, late in the evening in the midst of my last post. When trying […]

Fruity water

If there’s one good thing in lent, then it’s the fact that we’re thinking about healthy food. Instead of cakes, chocolate or potato chips we’ll have fruit, nuts and lots of juices. Some leftovers can transform your daily water into a really delicious and healthy drink. Lemon juive provides the important vitamin C, an apple […]

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – for some of us just a commercial thing and for the others a nice occasion to show your husband, family or friends how much you care about them. You can even do this without spending a lot of money. So why not decorate your table in special way at least for one […]


Show them in a nice surrounding and all lovely and delicious things will look even better. That’s why I’m always trying to decorate my craft and cooking objects in an appealing manner. Very often that means rearranging kitchen or living room for taking pictures. Since a few weeks I’m proud owner of a wooden board […]