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Happy Easter

Eggs in a glass

Before starting your Easter cooking I just want to show you an easy way to use the eggshells for your table setting. Just crack the eggs in a way that the lower part is a bit bigger than the top. Put them in water with dish liquid for some time, then rinse carefully and let […]

Chocolate tartes

Fast, easy and very, very tasty – chocolate tartelettes looking a bit like fried eggs. A real eye-catcher for Easter given you’re in possession of the necessary molds. Sarah posted it in her German blog “Alles und Anderes” last year. I lightly changed the recipe and tried another version of easter egg cookies. The tartelettes […]

Easter napkins

Being crazy about sewing made me neglect my blog during the last weeks. Right now, a few days before Easter it’s time for crafting and decorating again. I love decorations that don’t cost a fortune and don’t need to be stored afterwards. For a lovely Easter table you’ll simply have to work with some different […]

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Maybe real diamonds are a bit too expesnive but then just make your own alternative with really lovely papers. I found a very comprehensive youtube instruction. You can create different diamonds in all sizes. All you need is two equal paper squares for each of them. Jenny W. Chan describes them as a nice Christmas […]