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Multiple-use crates

Winter’s coming to an end and the quantity of tangerines and oranges offered are receding. The pile of tangerine crates however increased tremendously. They’re too nice to destroy them and I like to use them in many different ways. But there’s one thing they do have in common: they’ll receive a coat of paint and […]

Easter center piece

There’s only some days left until Easter and it would be nice to have an Easter center piece already now. Before tulips and duffodils will inhabit flower pots and paper maché egg we just put some primroses on our table. It takes a bit of time to make such a paper maché egg but it’s […]

One sheet- chicken

Last year I made these little chicken with fabric. If you belong to those not knowing how to sew you nevertheless don’t have to do without them. Supposed you’re disposing of some DIN A4 paper, scissors, glue and some colored pencils or felt tip pens. One sheet of paper will make two little chicken. Therefore […]

Back again!

It’s back, my laptop. Repaired without any additional costs but unfortunately delivered in  factory default. That means I have to install again all personal actions, dates, pictures etc.. And by the way I’d like to take the chance after this total crash to reorganize some things to get them more clear and effective. A new […]

Preparing Easter

I found these hens in a Topp book with lots of folding ideas. The large one’s having a middle pleat big enough to hold a boiled egg. For the smaller one I changed the template by hand. It’s just big enough to hold a chocolate Easter egg. Depending on the available card stock paper you […]