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Knobby trees

These lovely edible Christmas trees will be the hit of your Christmas tea time table. If you have time enough you can even cook them just on Christmas Eve together with your kids to sweeten time of waiting for Santa to come. You may take any recipe for cookies that usually are rolled. I took […]

Christmas table

Only seven days left until Christmas Eve and here are the first impressions for a Christmas table setting. Some of them quite easy others will need some more skills and materials. The “napkin rings” are simple paper stars carved between two tips. Even the simple golden star looks quite special beside its napkin companions. The […]


Installed wordpress 4.4 – since then things go wrong. First my translations were recorded but not published, now the gallery’s out of order. So if you’re looking for any special post you  have to take the search button because pictures don’t show post’s name and actually don’t link to the corresponding post. I’m working on […]

Pizza Santa hats

The traditional italian pizza in a Christmas outfit – in other words in the shape of Santa’s hat. Take any covering you like as long as it is red. In our case it’s red peppers, salami and lumpy tomato sauce. Flatten the pizza dough and roll out a rectangle that should be divided into stripes […]

Christmas under glass

Asistance for allergic persons – with this center piece you can put fir and pine twigs in your house without suffering from allergic symptoms supposed you replace the tree disc by a felt or paper disc. (even the disc may cause allergic reactions) For everybody else it’s just a lovely decoration that, if necessary, can […]