Christmas table


Only seven days left until Christmas Eve and here are the first impressions for a Christmas table setting. Some of them quite easy others will need some more skills and materials. The “napkin rings” are simple paper stars carved between two tips. Even the simple golden star looks quite special beside its napkin companions. The dark brown inner part of the second star repeats the color of the angel’s dress.


My placecard is also glued to a star of golden and brown paper star. Lift the Christmas ball’s little cap and take off the hook. Then twist a piece of gold or silver wire and put it round the ball’s neck. Give a little drop of glue into the cap and put it back to the neck. Then glue the ball in the middle of the paper star with some hot glue. Put a name tag between the first spiral windings.


This picture shows another place holder with some Christmas accessories and a wine glass decorated with angel wings. These wings are cut from translucent paper and attached to the glass stem with a very thin golden wire. The turned glass keeps some Christmas balls and an artificial fir twig. If you like splendour place an additional tea light in matching colors on top of the glass bottom.
Take any color you like for your personal decoration.

Goldweihnacht4If children are joining you the table may be dressed in colors a bit more cheerful. The funny napkin is folded and held by a simple red paper star. The same red star glued to a dark green one is the Christmas ball’s support.  Treat the ball as described for the brown star. In addition we’ve placed a turned glass once again. This one keeps red Christmas balls besides the fir twig. The chocolate Santa goodie is quite easy if you’re disposing of an envelope punchboard. If not you’ll be forced to improvise a bit. Free templates for stars and wings can be downloaded here and an instruction for the goodie bag will follow.


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