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Time is precious, really precious but often we just notice it when we don’t have any time left. No time left for spending time together, no time for a nice word, no time for a hug and sometimes even no time to say good-bye to someone leaving forever. Ideas for St. Valentine’s Day was the […]

Muffin roses

A sweet yeast dough baked in muffin cups – you’ll love them even if usually you’re not muffins’ best friend. All those who fear to make a yeast dough should really try this recipe. With 250g of flour you’ll get 12-14 depending on the thickness of your shaped dough. Dough ingredients: 250g flour 1 egg […]

A cup of ….

tea with a sweet cookie for your sick neighbour, delicious chocolate bars for your flower loving friend or a cup of many cherry kisses for Valentine’s Day. All you need is a piece of card stock measuring 24 x 20 cm, some colored paper, template, pencil, folding tool, scissors and glue. Take card stock and […]

(Deutsch) Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Unfortunately there’s no english version of this lovely novel. So please try it in German (see above)  or French – Les perroquets de la Place d’Arezzo.

No-knit hats

Well, it took me a day more to take the fotos because I absolutely wanted to show you two different versions to present them. For your colours you should consider the surrounding where they shall be put lateron. Cut a 1,5cm piece of a gift wrapping roll that will serve as the base for your […]