Muffin roses


A sweet yeast dough baked in muffin cups – you’ll love them even if usually you’re not muffins’ best friend. All those who fear to make a yeast dough should really try this recipe. With 250g of flour you’ll get 12-14 depending on the thickness of your shaped dough.

Dough ingredients:
250g flour
1 egg size M
1 dash of salt
10g fresh yeast
appr 65ml milk (liukewarm)
30g soft unsalted butter
40g caster sugar
(1 whisked egg to brush roses before cooking)

Ingredients for filling:
1 rasped apple
1 tbsp ground almonds
1 tbsp foliated hazelnut
1 tbsp honey

Mix flour with salt, egg, yeast and milk. Leave to rest for 15 minutes to get dough elastic and easy to knead. Then fold in soft butter and add sugar successively until completely absorbed by the dough. Cover with a moist kitchen towel and leave to rest for an hour at least. Then put dough on a lightly floured working place, flatten and spread it with your hands. Fold dough from the left and right side to the middle and then from top and bottom to the middle too. Leave ” packet” for a further rest of 20 minutes.

In the meantime rasp the apple. Add almonds, hazelnut, honey and mix.

Divide dough into four equal parts and roll out one after the other. Cut three 10cm circles of each part.


Cut each circle into quarters but leave the middle for filling. Amass filling in the middle with the help of two teaspoons. Now wrap the filling clockwise with the dough quarters overlapping. Give ready roses into a muffin mold and brush with whisked egg. Then cook at 180°C in the preheated oven for about 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and leave on a rack for cooling. Then lift them off the cups.


Dust them with powdered sugar and serve them with some whisked cream. Simply irresistible and amazing for coming St Valentine’s Day.


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