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With all my heart

If anyone travels through the world, he will have to tell a lot that’s at least what’s said in one of Beethoven’s songs. My wish however ist that those travelling will knwo how much I miss them. That’s why until now I always smuggled a little bedtime treat into the suitcase. Two lovely heart boxes […]

Rhubarb and meringue

We already had our first rhubarb stalks this year – as fruit sauce with rice pudding. Today I tried a new recipe with a lovely short crust emphasizing the sweet-sour note of the rhubarb filling. It’s once again a recipe from Hefe-und-mehr and I recommend trying it. Ingredients for a 28cm tarte mold: 200g wheat […]

Sweetest cleaning rag ever

I love cupcakes, I really do and these colourful ones shown in a Crafts, homeschooling and more-video convinced me immediately. A wonderful idea for all kinds of occasions. You may roll up a pair of socks, small guest towels or even microfiber rags. All of them need to be rolled up, probably fixed with a […]

Malt beer bread rolls

One of the wonderful recipes found on Hefe-und-mehr, which we really like a lot. Thanks to te malt beer taken instead of water it’s a really hearty bread. I changed the original recipe and made some crusty rolls instead of knots. We love those rolls with a crust bursting on its sides. Another advantage of […]

Toast Tarte Flambée

I really can’t resist them – those fresh, verdant wild garlic leaves in the back of our garden. Unfortunately work, gardening and many other activities don’t leave enough time for cooking. That’s why every now and then I’m trying new recipes promising low effort but a lot of taste. My toast Tarte Flambée Alsatien definitely […]