Preparing Easter

I found these hens in a Topp book with lots of folding ideas. The large one’s having a middle pleat big enough to hold a boiled egg. For the smaller one I changed the template by hand. It’s just big enough to hold a chocolate Easter egg. Depending on the available card stock paper you may decorate or paint your hens.
You’ll need a card stock piece mesuing 12×28 cm for the large hen. Fold the card stock in half and then fold both parts down 3cm above the center fold. Thus you’ll get a small roof fold in between the two layers of card stock. Draw hen template on folded card stock and cut out. Glue front and back of your hen with some glue dots on crown and beak.
In order to reduce my stock of paper leftovers I cut out some smaller hens having a fold of 1cm only on both sides of the center fold. These hens are meant for table decoration and won’t be able to hold an egg. For Easter I’ll take them as a center piece and will sit them in some Easter grass. Wrapped in foil with some chocolate eggs and maybe assembled with a bank note they’ll make a lovely gift for Easter.



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