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Eggs in a glass

Before starting your Easter cooking I just want to show you an easy way to use the eggshells for your table setting. Just crack the eggs in a way that the lower part is a bit bigger than the top. Put them in water with dish liquid for some time, then rinse carefully and let […]

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Maybe real diamonds are a bit too expesnive but then just make your own alternative with really lovely papers. I found a very comprehensive youtube instruction. You can create different diamonds in all sizes. All you need is two equal paper squares for each of them. Jenny W. Chan describes them as a nice Christmas […]

Valentine hearts

A little something for your sweetheart or your best friend – little paper hearts will give a lovely pendant for your breakfast place setting. If you like you may even add a small chocolate heart. For Valentine’s day you should choose paper in red shades. You’ll need six hearts for every pendant to be cut […]

Midget forest

Autumn and winter, that means a lot of things to be found outside for crafting. When calling my Mum to hear what’s going on at home she told me of some sweat little fly agarics made with acorns and their hats that she had seen somewhere in a showcase. I just didn’t need more information […]

Autumn roses

Autumn has arrived and with it all the wonderful colored leaves, pumpkins and different nuts. For my decoration however I wanted to take something else as a center piece. It was just by chance that I found the video instruction for lovely roses made with florist felt strips. These strips are available in different sizes […]