Midget forest


Autumn and winter, that means a lot of things to be found outside for crafting. When calling my Mum to hear what’s going on at home she told me of some sweat little fly agarics made with acorns and their hats that she had seen somewhere in a showcase. I just didn’t need more information to grap my bike and look for all the places known for enormous funds of acorns and beechnuts. When drying the acorns usually loose their hats so that I could easily paint them in red and put some white dots on top. The acorns need to be painted in white and then glued (best will be hot glue) to their hats again but upside down to get the shape of the agarics body. For my personal decoration this year I chose an old piece of branch to glue some cones, my little fly agarics, a chestnut casing on top. Then just add some beechnuts or little conifer cones, wind some green fairy wool around and here you are with a lovely midget forest.


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