Diamonds are a girl’s best friend


Maybe real diamonds are a bit too expesnive but then just make your own alternative with really lovely papers. I found a very comprehensive youtube instruction. You can create different diamonds in all sizes. All you need is two equal paper squares for each of them. Jenny W. Chan describes them as a nice Christmas ornament but I’m thinking thaa they’re really too nice to be used such a short time only.


That’s why I folded some of them with papers of colour matching paper sets and decorated them with different accessories. If you have already made some jewellery yourself you’ll surely dispose of a large chice of pearls and little silver or gold ornaments. You may take feathers or different ribbons as well. For my large diamonds I separated a pair of earrings bought in a bling jewellery store.

2017_Diamant1Just take off the hooks and fix the pendant with a nylon thread. Jenny’s explaining it in her video but I want to point out that you really have to insert the thread for hanging and decorating with accessories before gluing the two parts of your diamond. In addition I’d like to mention that it will be much easier to put the halves together correctly after having interlaced them once without using glue. Press them lightly and then start to apply glue on the tips. Deocrated with little feathers and a plastic easter egg the diamonds may be used as an Easter table decoration. Now go and have some fun when selecting your papers and folding the diamonds.




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