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Lavender in your garden or on your terrace will keep away midges or other insects. You won’t like to put a whole pot of lavender on your table and you won’t like cutting them all neither. A single hydrangea flower, it’s the second generation for me this summer, will make the perfect stand for single […]

Doily cutlery pouch

Easy but stunning. Cutlery pouches made with paper doilies having a 6″ or 15cm diameter. Fold each doily to make a cornet and fix the upper flap with a glue dot. Decorate your doily individually with different accessories. The following picture will show some suggestions. Fold all paper napkins to get a cornet shape to. […]

Sweetest cleaning rag ever

I love cupcakes, I really do and these colourful ones shown in a Crafts, homeschooling and more-video convinced me immediately. A wonderful idea for all kinds of occasions. You may roll up a pair of socks, small guest towels or even microfiber rags. All of them need to be rolled up, probably fixed with a […]

Christmas under glass

Asistance for allergic persons – with this center piece you can put fir and pine twigs in your house without suffering from allergic symptoms supposed you replace the tree disc by a felt or paper disc. (even the disc may cause allergic reactions) For everybody else it’s just a lovely decoration that, if necessary, can […]

Sparkling star

    There’s not enough space on every table to place a large Christmas decoration. These Christmas balls are glued to the star’s bottom so that it can be put upright and doesn’t need too much space. If you want to stand it upright in the center of your table you should put it on […]