Sparkling star




There’s not enough space on every table to place a large Christmas decoration. These Christmas balls are glued to the star’s bottom so that it can be put upright and doesn’t need too much space. If you want to stand it upright in the center of your table you should put it on a stand like two smaller stars.


Chistmas balls in your favourite colors, some smaller accessories, a hot-melt gun and a framed wooden star is al you need. Take off the balls’ hangers and glue them to the star’s bottom with their neck. Decorate with some additional wooden Christmas ornaments and lean it against the wall. If you can’t get enough of all the sparkling Christmas world put a tea light in front of your star to make the balls shine or put a battery-driven light string among the balls. In order to avoid seeing the battery case fix it to the star’s back with a double-faced adhesive tape and pull lights through a hole in the back. Most of these stars are having a very thin back so that you just need a hand brace to drill a hole in the necessary size. Without a light string you may even hang up your star.


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