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Hedge reloaded

Autumn – time to make your garden winterproof and to cut the hedges. If you have a conifer or yew tree hedge you can use the cut branches for Christmas time. If you leave them outside so that they will get some rain from time to time they’ll really last until Christmas. We will take […]


Season of lights – colored leaves, beechnuts and some wild crabapples will make a nice decoration. I found these wunderful lights somewhere in the web but can’t find trace it back any more. That’s why I had to make my own template. A pentagon is the base of this tealight holder. Simply copy my template […]

Bows again

Bows for place cards as well as for your table. The smaller bows, mesuring between 6 and 8 cm, are decorating the plates together with a matching paper napkin. Here the bow’s sitting on a single Raffaello candy. For the name tag I simply glued my bow on top of two paper strips. No matter […]

Lavender wand

Summertime, vacation – who won’t think of sun, beach and waves. But of course we’re thinking of those large purple lavender fields reaching the horizon in Tuscany and Provence. Even in Germany you’ll find lavender in nearly every garden or on numerous balconies. If you’re really fond of it you’ll always try to conserve their […]


Strawberry fans will love them – these lovely fabric strawberries. These long-life berries will stay much longer than summer and they’re nice for all sorts of decorations. Whether you’ll sew them by machine or by hand, they’re done in a few minutes. Here’s a free download pattern for leaf and fruit. Take one or two […]