Hedge reloaded

Autumn – time to make your garden winterproof and to cut the hedges. If you have a conifer or yew tree hedge you can use the cut branches for Christmas time. If you leave them outside so that they will get some rain from time to time they’ll really last until Christmas. We will take them to form some small Christmas trees. According to the length of your branches you’ll need a piece of tree chunk making the base of your Christmas tree. I had only left some pieces of a birch tree chunk but it doesn’t really matter. Leave the tree natural with some cones at its side and keep it outside on your balcony or terrace right now. For Christmas decorate it with some Christmas balls or other accessories.


Twist some florist wire around the ends of three or four conifer branches or twigs. Then add further branches placing them a bit higher than the first one to get a fir tree shape. When the tree’s finished twist some extra wire round the ends to get a thin tip. Then put your tree chunk in the middle of your branches and here you are with a lovely little Christmas tree.

Baum5Today I already decorated one little tree for Christmas to show what they look like when decorated. On top I glued a small wooden star and some angel hair goes down the branches. Combined with a yew tree twig and some Christmas balls it makes a lovely fragrant center piece. If you take even smaller twigs for your tree you may use it as a decoration for every seat. Write down of your guests’ names on the stars or on Christmas balls attached to your tree.

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