Lavender wand


Summertime, vacation – who won’t think of sun, beach and waves. But of course we’re thinking of those large purple lavender fields reaching the horizon in Tuscany and Provence. Even in Germany you’ll find lavender in nearly every garden or on numerous balconies. If you’re really fond of it you’ll always try to conserve their lovely odor for the rest of the year. On I found some nice lavender wands which I tried immediately. It really wors and it’ll take you just half an hour to make one yourself. Cut 11-15 lavender flowers with a stipe length of 15-20cm. Wrap your lavender weaving the ribbon below and over your stipes. I’ll link here to because all pictures will show exactly all steps necessary.


For your ribbon choose one that matches with the recipient’s favourite colors, with the other decoration or simply with lavender stipes’ green. I always add a loop to the wand’s end allowing to hang it up on a clothes hanger.
Give it into a small cellophane bag and you’ll have a wonderful little gift for summer time.







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