Strawberry fans will love them – these lovely fabric strawberries. These long-life berries will stay much longer than summer and they’re nice for all sorts of decorations. Whether you’ll sew them by machine or by hand, they’re done in a few minutes. Here’s a free download pattern for leaf and fruit. Take one or two leaves for each strawberry. For a better presentation I sewed one strawberry with an extra strong thread.


Sew long thread along round edge with baste stitch. Lateron the strawberry will be closed with it.


Fold strawberry in half, left side out and sew side and top of the fruit with a back stitch – see blue thread. Turn strawberry inside out and pull black thread a bit tighter.


Fill strawberry with some wadding and pull tight black thread and make a strong knot. The fruit’s now closed and the felt leaves can be fixed.


Stagger both leaves and sew them with some bead yarn. (for my decoration strawberries I took a green thread of course)


After fixing the leaves with two stitches leave a loop for the peduncle, twist the thread around and fasten it by going through the peduncle once or twice.
They’re unfit for consumption but a fantastic ornament for various decorations. Further suggestions will follow.

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